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image of five green servpro vehicles and a building with stormy skies overhead

Is Your Home Damaged from Spring Storms? Call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth!

Here in North Texas, residents and their houses have to endure many types of storms each year. Spring weather patterns often include high winds, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, flooding rain, and of course heat and humidity. If your home is damaged by a storm, reach out to your local experts at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth for help.

image of chair with half dirty and half clean

Furniture Cleaning at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth

When a fire damages a home, it leaves soot and smoke damage on everything. At SERVPRO of North Fort Worth, our team will clean and deodorize your home and your furniture to remove the soot and the smoke odor. This photo of a chair is an example of cleaning soot from upholstered furniture.

image of boxes and furniture in storage

Fire Projects - Cleaning and Storage of Personal Property

After fire or smoke causes damage to a home, one part of the project is cleaning and storage of the personal property, also called contents. This photo shows a section of the contents storage warehouse at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth. Customer's personal property is cleaned, packed, and stored until they are ready for it to be returned to their home.

image of 4 people wearing white safety suits and masks

Every Day can be a Great Day with SERVPRO of North Fort Worth

No matter what the kind of disaster the day brings to your business, call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth. Our trained team members will work hard and bring positivity! We will assist your business to get back to normal quickly.

image of colorful banners

Presentations, Trade Shows, and Continuing Education - SERVPRO of North Fort Worth

At SERVPRO of North Fort Worth, our team is frequently out in the community, meeting business owners, and providing information about the services we offer. Whether you need a presenter for your club meeting or continuing education course credits, contact our office at (817) 232-3333. Also, stop by our booth and meet us at the local trade shows.

image of a group of four people posing for a photo outdoors

Community Events in Fort Worth Texas

Spring of 2022: A group of our Franchise Owners and Managers participated in a golf event hosted by the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Left to Right: Chad, Business Development; Rudy, Owner; Evan, VP of Operations; and Casey, Owner.

image of three SERVPRO vans in a parking lot

Quick Response to Help Kingdom Chapel in Saginaw, TX

When a small community church needed emergency services right before Easter, our VP of Operations mobilized three crews to assist with water extraction. Our team was happy to help, and the church leadership was pleased with our timely response and the quality of our work.

image containing indoor ceiling damaged

Storm Damage in Fort Worth

Seasonal storms include the threat of high winds, straight line winds, and tornadoes. If your roof is damaged by a storm, you may have visible water damage of your ceilings. Investigating the wet ceiling drywall leads you to the attic where you find wet insulation and water coming through the damaged roof. Call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth to assist with water mitigation and drying services as well as reconstruction.

image containing indoor tile floor laundry room

Flooding from Overflowing Creek in Azle TX

One type of storm damage is from rising flood water. Heavy rains lingered over north Texas, saturating the soil and causing creeks, rivers, and lakes to rise to dangerous levels. Dirty storm water overflowed the nearby creek and rushed through this house, resulting in damage to the floors, walls, and furniture.

image containg indoor floor wood wall frame bathroom

Burst Pipe in a Fort Worth Business

For this local business, a burst pipe in the ceiling caused water damage throughout the building. This photo was taken after the wet drywall and laminate flooring were removed. An antimicrobial treatment was applied, air scrubbers were set to filter the air, and dehumidifers were running to remove excess moisture from the air and dry the wood studs. SERVPRO of North Fort Worth can be onsite quickly to mitigate the damage and help get your business operational after disaster strikes.

image containing indoor shelves with product inventory

Commercial Storm Restoration Projects

SERVPRO of North Fort Worth is your resource for commercial storm restoration projects. The project pictured included demolition of ruined ceiling, walls, and flooring, drying the wood frame with dehumidifiers, filtering out airborne contaminants, and reconstruction of the structure. For the convenience of the business owner, all the work was rapidly completed during two weekends.

image containing indoor office desk floor

Water Restoration for Offices in Fort Worth

There are many sources of water in a typical office, such as bathroom and breakroom plumbing, HVAC system, and fire supression system for example. In the project in this photo, a broken fire sprinkler pipe caused water damage through the waiting room and several offices. If you need emergency water mitigation and drying services for your business, please reach out to SERVPRO of North Fort Worth at (817) 232-3333.

image containing indoor kitchen dirty

Fire Damage in a Kitchen in Fort Worth, TX

When fire, smoke, and soot damage your home, the restoration process must be specific for each type of materials affected. This photo of a kitchen shows corrosion of the stainless steel sink, as well as damaged tile, cabinets, and countertop. Our team at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth will treat your belongings and every part of your home with care.

image containing indoor closet with boxes dirty

Storm Damage in Unoccupied Home

The freeze weather event in February 2021 caused water damage in this unoccupied house. Months later, the house has not been restored, secondary damage has set in, and mold is climbing the walls. Call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth at (817) 232-3333 anytime 24/7 to get help with storm damage to your home or business.

image containing indoor ceiling fire damage

Fire Restoration Project in Fort Worth, TX

Sometimes in a fire restoration project, our job process includes cleaning the wall and ceiling surfaces to prepare for new paint. But in other losses, the drywall is damaged to the point that it must be removed and replaced. This photo shows wall and ceiling drywall that was affected by extreme heat during the fire and it is not salvageable. 

image containing indoor cabinets with damaged paint

Significant Fire Damage Project

When evaluating a fire damaged home or business, our team listens carefully to the details of the loss and creates a custom plan for the restoration project. In this house, heat from the fire caused the paint on the cabinets to bubble. SERVPRO of North Fort Worth is your resource for fire restoration projects.

image containing indoor attic machine

Soot and Smoke Odor Project in Fort Worth, TX

In this project, a fire started in the HVAC system in the attic. Smoke and soot traveled through the ducting and out of the vents into all the rooms. Light soot settled on the contents and surfaces, and a strong electrical fire odor lingered in the air. Call SERPVRO of North Fort Worth for residential or commercial soot cleaning and smoke odor deodorization.

image of indoor floor with scrubbing machine

Commercial Cleaning Project in Saginaw, TX

After a refrigerator malfunctioned and leaked, there were concerns of possible microbial growth behind and under the refrigerator. The SERVPRO of North Fort Worth team was called to remove the rubber cove base and detail clean the concrete floor. The commercial customer was happy with the results of the multiple step process.

image of indoor kitchen dirty

Hoarding Clean Up Projects

Call the professionals at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth at (817) 232-3333 when there is a clean up project that is overwhelming. We will provide an estimate, clearly explain the project plan, and complete the clean up on time. Let us take away some of the stress of a difficult situation.

indoor storage warehouse with racks

Emergency Services - Commercial Water Extraction in Fort Worth

Call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth for emergency services. Our team responds 24/7. Once onsite we will assess the needs of your business, and get started on water extraction, water and smoke mitigation, board up, or any services that are needed.

ozone and hydroxyl deodorization set up in a residence

Deodorization Projects in Fort Worth

SERVPRO of North Fort Worth is your resource for deodorization projects. Our team will consider the source of the odor as well as all aspects of the situation to plan a custom deodorization process that will reduce or remove the problem odor within the requested timeline. This residence was affected by skunk odor, and the deodorization included ozone and hydroxyl treatment and neutralizing thermal fog.

closet interior with shelves and mold

Mold Concerns in Your Home

Many times people find mold in a closet they don't use much. If you have noticed a musty and moldy odor in a closet of your home, be sure to carefully look around inside the closet.  Call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth if you experience mold damage, and we will gladly assist.

Laundry room with damaged wall and exposed pipe.

Call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth to Help with Any Disaster

When you are facing damage to your home that is more complicated than you can deal with on your own, call SERVPRO of North Fort Worth. After a thorough evaluation of the damage, we will work with you to create a plan to restore your home, as well as a timeline for your project. 

Floor, walls, windows.

Leaky Pipe - Water Restoration - All Dry!

Leaky Pipe - Water Restoration with Tear Out - SERVPRO of North Fort Worth crew members extracted the standing water, and removed the ruined baseboards, drywall, and insulation. Then they placed air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the wet wood framing. 

Water puddle on floor with window reflection.

Leaky pipe - Water Damage

In this photo, water is pooled up on the hard floor and soaking up into the baseboards, drywall, and insulation. The team at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth was called in to mitigate the damage and restore the structure.

Air mover fans, concrete floor, interior.

Category 2 Water Restoration - Equipment at Work

This photo was taken during a water mitigation and drying project. Two air movers have been placed in this room to assist in drawing water out of the affected wood materials.

Outside of a house, crew donning PPE.

Category 3 Water Restoration - Getting Ready!

At a Category 3 Water Restoration, some of the essential steps for keeping our team safe in the work environment are identifying the hazards and wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment.

Person wearing hazard suit standing in room.

Category 3 BioBlast Application Water Restoration

This SERVPRO of North Fort Worth team member is wearing full PPE at a residential sewage loss and applying the BioBlast RBT decontamination product to all the affected surfaces using a pump sprayer.

Front door, entryway, interior room.

Water Restoration - Post Mitigation

After photos are an important part of documenting our projects. We use the term Post Mitigation to identify photos that are captured after the materials are dry to goal and the drying equipment is removed from the structure.

Interior room, air movers, dehumidifier, equipment on floor.

Water Mitigation

Photo documentation of the job process is important on every type of service we offer. The front entry in this photo of a water damage project has a dehumidifier and three air movers to dry the wet materials.

Front door, entry, interior room with water on the floor.

Water Leak - Before Mitigation

Our before pictures, called Pre-Mitigation photos, show the condition of the rooms before any work has begun. In this photo, there is standing water on the floor in the entryway. 

Boots standing on tile floor.

Category 3 Water Restoration

Category 3 Water Restoration - Our trained technicians wear full PPE, apply the BioBlast RBT, and then remove the standing water. Safety is essential as we work on every type of project. 

Interior room with Demolition of walls.

Water Restoration Demolition

Certain types of water, mold, and fire damage projects require demolition and tear-out of the affected walls or other materials. We carefully document the reason for removing the materials, and take photos throughout the process.